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No Mapping Between Account Names and Security ID Was Done

I want to make farm environment, consists of 2 servers (using Windows Server 2008 SP1): AD Server and Application Server (for SharePoint and SQL Server).

After created one fresh installation virtually using vmware then make full clone.

I have configured the domain server and added some user accounts that will be used on application server as acc services.

When I want to install SQL Server on App Server, on step “Server Configuration“, I change the acc service from local account to domain account that I have created on AD Server. And then, there is an error “No Mapping Between Account Names and Security ID Was Done“. I cannot add domain account to run sql services.

After googling, I found the problem occurred because I created those 2 servers via full clone that have same SID on each server. To change one of them, we can use sysprep application. That’s it, after waiting a few minutes for windows to re-configure, I can install SQL Server on App Server.

Reference :


Bizarre Task Scheduler When Run 64bit Console Application

Fresh from the oven.

If you get this case, that you want to create task scheduler that run 64bit console application in Win Server 2008, but with luck. Your code doesn’t do any thing. But if you run manually it will run normally. That’s happen to me.

You can implement this magic trick.

Create folder ‘Desktop’ at this path:




I just did both. Now its now run like I want.

Reference :


Thanks Mr. Ogawa. You saved me 🙂