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Blank Screen Windows Server 2012 at VMWare Workstation 8

Added another server to my “bank server”, I got an issue after installed Windows Server 2012 at VMWare Workstatation 8 with vmware tools installed. The guest OS get blank screen.

Restarting the guest still not fix blank screen condition.

To troubleshoot this, wee need to activate “Accelerate 3D graphics”* of Display option at VM Setting.

*need to force power off first, to activate this setting.

3D graphics


No Mapping Between Account Names and Security ID Was Done

I want to make farm environment, consists of 2 servers (using Windows Server 2008 SP1): AD Server and Application Server (for SharePoint and SQL Server).

After created one fresh installation virtually using vmware then make full clone.

I have configured the domain server and added some user accounts that will be used on application server as acc services.

When I want to install SQL Server on App Server, on step “Server Configuration“, I change the acc service from local account to domain account that I have created on AD Server. And then, there is an error “No Mapping Between Account Names and Security ID Was Done“. I cannot add domain account to run sql services.

After googling, I found the problem occurred because I created those 2 servers via full clone that have same SID on each server. To change one of them, we can use sysprep application. That’s it, after waiting a few minutes for windows to re-configure, I can install SQL Server on App Server.

Reference :

Cannot Add New ‘Completed’ Task With PSI

I’m facing a case that I cannot add task with 100% progress (completed task) with PSI programmatically.

I need to import/sync tasks from another system to Project Server. The task include some custom fields. There is no problem, if I add tasks when the property %complete is less then 100% (not complete). But if there is a task with 100% complete exist, after do QueuePublish method at the end, nothing has changed to the project. All tasks have not added to the project.

After a few hours trial-and-error, I still cannot found the solution.

Then I do some cheating flow, that I add/insert the task directly to the database. Of course Microsoft not recommend this way. But it works for me.

Some property and value that I have to inject manually to database (table Draft and Published) :

  1. Task_Pct_Comp : 100
  2. Task_Pct_Work_Comp : 100
  3. Task_Act_Finish, equals to Task_Finish_Date
  4. Task_Stop_Date, equals to Task_finish_Date
  5. Task_Act_Dur, equals to Task_Dur

That’s it.. When opening project in Project Center, I can see the task has completed with thick mark at the left column 😉


In my own room…


Thinkin when I will meet the next loop. Enjoying life, doing my hobbies..

My job is not my career. I choose it because I like it. Coz Im good at that part.

But its not fun anymore. Something wrong was happen..

I should find the exit door.. where are u


Last but not least….. HAPPY NEW YEAR

Update Task via Console Application

The case is to update task that created from an instance of workflow, using console application.

The common mistake is used method of Update from SPListItem.

And the result is the task actually already updated, but the workflow has been ‘hung’ in this situation. The OnTaskChanged is not triggered. And the workflow has been stop with ‘due to heavy load‘ issue.

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Bizarre Task Scheduler When Run 64bit Console Application

Fresh from the oven.

If you get this case, that you want to create task scheduler that run 64bit console application in Win Server 2008, but with luck. Your code doesn’t do any thing. But if you run manually it will run normally. That’s happen to me.

You can implement this magic trick.

Create folder ‘Desktop’ at this path:




I just did both. Now its now run like I want.

Reference :


Thanks Mr. Ogawa. You saved me 🙂

Update Task With Content Type

Ok noted,

When we want to update task with content type in sharepoint, we have to set value ‘Completed’ property of task.

Or you will get NullReferenceException.

If you used client context, you just get ‘Unknown Error‘  (hiks…. pesan error yang suram T.T)

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